Thursday, February 19, 2009

Delay No More!

A man went to a Scholar and said,

“O, Imam, I would like to repent and permanently stop,,

all the sins that I have been committing.

Please Give me an advice,,

that would help me never to disobey Allah,,

And would protect me,,

during any moments of weakness!!

The Imam answered,“If you want to disobey Allah,

then do not disobey him on his land”.

The man asked,“Then, where would I disobey Him?”

The Imam said, Outside His land”.

The man asked,“How can I do that if Allah,

the Glorious, is the Master of all the lands?”

So, the Imam answered,Do you not feel ashamed,

then, to disobey Him on his Lands!

If you still want to disobey Him,

then at least stop eating of his bounties.

The man asked,“How can I survive,

if I do not eat of his bounties?”

The Imam answered,“Do you not feel ashamed,then, to eat of His bounties and disobey Him!

But if you still want to disobey Him,

do that in a place where He cannot see you.”

The man asked,“How can I do that and He is with us"!

"Wherever we are!"

The Imam answered,“Do you not feel ashamed,

then to disobey Him while He is with you wherever you are!

But if you still want to disobey Him,then tell the Angel of Death,

if he comes to get your soul, to wait until you repent!

The man asked,“And who has any power over that?”

The Imam answered, So the Angel of Death,,

will get your soul while you are sinning!!

But if you still want to disobey Allah, then tell the keepers of the Hellfire, when they come to take you there,“I will not come with you”!!

"Can't do that Imam!"

So You eat of Allah’s bounties,disobey Him on his land, while He sees you, and while you can very possibly die while sinning!!You have no power to reject Death or to stop the Angels of Hellfire from taking you


The time you have read this e-mail!

Thousands of people have probably died!

Without Repenting!

You are still alive!

So make a quick change!

For you never know!

Your name might be next on the pending list!

And Remember!!

The person who has just died a while ago!

Was thinking what you are thinking!

"There is still time"

But to No soul will Allah grant delay,,
when its appointed term has come,
and Allah is Aware of what you do.

Quran 63:11

You Have Been Warned!

Regards to Ahmed Abu-Hafez!
Credit to Brother Mirgani